Our Environment

We offer our patients friendly, personalized health care that targets each individual's uniqueness. Our purpose is to improve your health and well being naturally by providing chiropractic care and promoting good nutrition with a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Healthcare Products

We promote Standard Process® Whole Food Supplements, BioFreeze® Pain Relieving Gels and Spray and Superfeet® Premium Orthotics to aid you in gaining the health and wellness you deserve.

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Our Hours

Monday -   9:00 am  -  6:30 pm

Tuesday -   CLOSED

Wednesday -   9:00 am  -  6:30 pm

Thursday -   3:30 pm  -  6:30 pm


About Our Office

MacDade Chiropractic, owned and operated by Dr. Paula DiMaio-Reczek, is a practice offering quality chiropractic services to individuals and families.  Located in Milmont Park, Pennsylvania, MacDade Chiropractic focuses on providing total health.