COVID-19 Response - Office is OPEN and Seeing Scheduled Appointments Only

This office acknowledges the concern needed at this time regarding COVID-19.  We have implemented the required precautions and updated our policy to do our part and help ensure a safe environment for patients.

As an essential business, we are performing a "screen and clean" operation to help prevent any exposure to patrons, clients or patients.  Our office is available for emergency and scheduled appointments only.  Please contact our office through the information on our Contact page.   

As stated throughout this pandemic, proper personal hygiene is one of the best policies toward stopping the spread of the virus.  Always wash your hands and be conscious of others if you need to cough or sneeze.  Our office requires the wearing of masks during your visit.

We focus on providing total health and we ask that you are honest with us if you have traveled recently or have been feeling ill.  If you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, please be mindful and reschedule your appointment.    If you have any questions or concerns about coming to our office, please give us a call.  Please refer to this area for further updates.  Thank you for choosing us.

Our Environment

We offer our patients friendly, personalized health care that targets each individual's uniqueness. Our purpose is to improve your health and well being naturally by providing chiropractic care and promoting good nutrition with a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Healthcare Products

We promote Standard Process® Whole Food Supplements, BioFreeze® Pain Relieving Gels and Spray and Superfeet® Premium Orthotics to aid you in gaining the health and wellness you deserve.

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Our Hours

Monday9:00 AM  to  6:30 PM

Tuesday -   CLOSED

Wednesday9:00 AM  to  6:30 PM

Thursday 3:00 PM  to  6:30 PM


About Our Office

MacDade Chiropractic is now Eppler Chiropractic led by Dr. Bruce Eppler.  His practice offers quality chiropractic services to individuals and families.  Located in Milmont Park, Pennsylvania, Eppler Chiropractic focuses on providing total health.

Dr. DiMaio-Reczek is transitioning to a new chiropractic calling in Spokane, Washington with her family.