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You may be hearing a lot about cherry juice regarding relief if you're one of the millions of people who suffer from the chronic pain of arthritis or gout. New research has uncovered evidence that compounds in cherries may help to relieve pain caused by this affliction and other forms of arthritis in several important ways.

Although it has longed been believed that adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle will help to combat the symptoms of gout, we are now beginning to realize the many health benefits of cherry juice in addition to these dietary changes. But, what is it exactly that makes cherry juice gout's worst enemy?

For one thing, cherry juice has been shown to lower levels of uric acid in the blood, which is one of the common causes of gout pain. The secret to the benefits of cherry juice is a compound called anthocyanins, which are the pigments that give cherries their bright red color and are also believed to be the key to helping the body relieve inflammation.

Doctors and scientists believe that the anthocyanins in cherries is what caused the decrease in blood urates and what causes cherry juice to bring relief from gout pain. They also feel that consuming anthocyanins on a regular basis may help lower heart attack and stroke risk, and are even studying the benefits of cherry juice and how it may have direct applications to the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Since the clinical research on cherry juice and gout relief therapy is still in the early stages, there is no set "prescription" for their use or consumption. However, it seems that the majority of people benefit from consuming about two tablespoons of cherry juice concentrate a day, or one to two servings of fresh or dried cherries. Just like with any other type of treatment, however, different people will naturally respond differently to cherries and the end results gained will most likely be varied.

Cherry juice has been used around the world in the treatment of gout for hundreds of years, but it is only recently that the mainstream media has brought this information to light. While some people may feel a little skeptical about the benefits of cherry juice in the treatment of gout, arthritis and joint pain many more are finding that it is a wonderful way to take control of their overall pain and get moving again.

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